Baby Princess on Board Vinyl Sticker

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★Baby Princess on Board Vinyl Decal★

✔These decals are precision cut vinyl.

✔There is no background, or clear backing.

✔The background is the surface to which you apply the decal

✔A smooth clean surface is REQUIRED for good adhesion

✔Proper install leads to a long lasting decal!

✔Made in the US

✔Digitally printed using TrueVis Roland ink – resistant to fading and water

✔Great for multiple surfaces including body of car, windows, smartphones, laptops & more.

✔Material: Self-adhesive decal


1. Clean the car surface, keep it dry.
2. Please put the sticker on a flat surface, and Peel away the top transfer paper slowly and carefully.
3. If any small part of the sticker is sticked to the top transfer paper, go back a little bit. Press the small part to let it stay with back transfer paper. Then press the folding edge of the top transfer paper while peeling, the small part of the sticker will be stay with the back-transfer paper.
4.put the car sticker onto installation location, use a credit card scrape the surface of car sticker until there is no bubble.
5.get rid of the transfer film.

Please don't wash car within 3 days after installation, cause the high pressure washer gun may damage it.